Our Accomplishments

Digital Sarthi operates in key telecommunication markets in Canada and is part of large technology development and operations.

Migration Related Projects

Migrating customers from one mailing system to another post intimation. This project involved migrating the customers with all the products they had from a particular system to another customised specific system. It also validated the customer for migration, doing the actual migration and ceasing the customer in the earlier system and activating them in the newly specified system.

Dynamic Mapping

In this project, the users could submit orders to an external system in bulk for any number of customers. It provided different types of order submissions like change, change pricing, validate etc. User could also track the progress of the transaction.

Big Data Analytics

This project is solely a read only UI which shows the users different reports based on failed/passed/stuck transactions of customers present in their tool. The report is generated based on timelines and different types of features offered by the tool.

Operational Automation Frameworks

Hybrid automation using - RPA(Selenium based) ensures that the repetitive work is executed by the software; powering human intelligence to make decisions rather than doing monotonous robotic work. There were few processes automated with 32 to 50 steps combining APIs, SFTP, ScreenScraping APIs to reduce the effort from 25 minutes per transaction to 2 minutes automated transaction. To be proactive, an automated batch is scheduled to identify and run transactions per night making them ready for user review in the morning.

Cloud based Invoicing SaaS

Paras Product is created to support Small Medium Businesses to take their projects from Project Planning to Resource/Vendor Planning to Purchase orders and invoicing to Clients. This can be used to have reconciliation between Vendors and Enterprise as well where Vendor Generates its Invoices and Seller Generates Bill with GST calculations.